Ranchi DC’s meeting with peace committee regarding Durga Puja

Ranchi: Ranchi DC Rahul Kumar Sinha held a meeting with the peace committee on Friday. Durga Puja was discussed in the meeting. DC said that conducting Durga Puja with goodwill is a universal duty. Participation of all religions is very important in this. People of all religions should show solidarity so that Durga Puja can be completed with everyone’s cooperation, goodwill and brotherhood.

The DC asked the peace committee members not to get entangled in petty disputes. He asked the Peace Committee to play its part in ending such disputes immediately. Also, in case of any dispute, immediately inform the district administration. 

DC appealed to people to use social media with caution. Do not post messages that disturb communal harmony on social media. The district administration is keeping a close watch on social media 24 hours. The district administration will take strict action against those who disturb the harmony.

DC also talked about everyone’s participation in the immersion of the idol of Maa Durga. With everyone’s participation, this festival can be made bigger and grander. All the members of the Peace Committee and all the concerned people attended the meeting.

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