All facilities to be available for disabled voters to exercise their franchise – Chief Electoral Officer K Ravi Kumar

Ranchi: Chief Electoral Officer K. Ravi Kumar said that it is the social and moral responsibility of all of us to ensure that no voter is left out in the Lok Sabha elections.

Therefore, there is an appeal to all the intelligentsia of the society, representatives of voluntary/voluntary/non-government organizations to help those voters, especially the disabled people, who are in your neighborhood and have not yet been able to make their voter ID card, and get their voter card made.

Through the Voter Helpline App or by contacting the nearest BLO, their Voter ID card will be easily made.

He said that every vote is important, hence one must exercise their right to vote in this great festival of the country.

Understand that the government is formed by your vote and the future direction of the country is decided.

Chief Electoral Officer K. Ravi Kumar was addressing a training session of stakeholders organized by a voluntary organization working to help the disabled in Ranchi today.

The Chief Electoral Officer said that in the last election, more than 90% of the PWD voters in Ranchi had voted.

In view of the impending Lok Sabha elections, there is an appeal to all PWD (Disabled) voters to use their franchise in this great festival of the country so that this figure reaches 100 percent.

There is a need to take inspiration from all the voters so that more and more people exercise their franchise in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections-2024.

He said that this time special care has to be taken of public facilities at every polling station.

There will be ramps, sheds, drinking water, toilets and separate queue arrangements at every polling station for the disabled, pregnant mothers and senior voters.

Using the Saksham app of the Election Commission of India, disabled voters will be able to arrange wheelchairs for themselves.

The facility of free pass for public transport is to be maintained for these voters on the day of polling.

Where public transport is not available, private vehicles will also be hired for them to reach the polling station.

Along with this, for those who are unable to come to the polling station by vehicle, arrangements have been made to exercise their franchise at home.

He said that in the upcoming elections, survey work is being done on all the booths by a third party social audit team to check whether the basic facilities are available at all the booths or not, so that all the booths can be audited impartially and the availability of necessary basic facilities at all times.

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