Railways released new time table and speed of trains

Ranchi: Railway has released new time table of trains. Godda. Malda Division of Eastern Railway has started following the new timetable in train operations from October 1. On Monday, all trains opened from Godda on the new timetable. 

With the release of the new time table, people will now find maximum convenience in traveling from Godda to Dumka and Bhagalpur. This will help the passengers of long distance trains like Humsafar, Tata Nagar, Ranchi Intercity, Vananchal, Rajendra Nagar Patna, Ranchi Intercity. Passengers traveling in all these trains will now save 35 to 60 minutes.

Actually, the speed of trains has been increased in Godda-Dumka and Godda- Bhagalpur railway sections. Earlier it was 45 km per hour from Hansdiha to Dumka and Bhagalpur. This has been increased to 90 km per hour. Due to which time has been saved in trains on these routes.

According to the information received from the Railways, now there will be a saving of 35 minutes in going from Godda to Dumka while about an hour will be saved in going from Godda to Bhagalpur. Humsafar Express, Ranchi Vananchal, Tatanagar and Rajendranagar-Patna trains originating from Godda will now reach Bhagalpur in two hours 55 minutes, while the local train will reach Bhagalpur in two hours 45 minutes.

Express train has to make changes in Hansdiha engine. The morning train coming from Bhagalpur to Godda will now depart from Bhagalpur at 10:30 and reach Godda at 1:15 pm. With this, passengers will save about 70 minutes in reaching Godda. 

At the same time, passengers in Godda Sealdah train will also save one hour in reaching Sealdah. Passengers will save 52 minutes in the local train going from Godda to Bhagalpur. This train will now reach Bhagalpur at 9.30 am.

Similarly, the train from Godda to Dumka will now leave at 8.10 pm. It will reach Dumka at 9.45 pm, while the passenger train coming from Dumka to Godda will now leave from Dumka at 1.15 pm. It will reach Godda at 3:05.

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