PVTG giving wings to children’s dreams by UDAN project, about 3000 children associated with 140 schools

Ranchi: ‘PVTG Pathshala’ under the UDAN project is bringing a positive change in keeping the Children of Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group (PVTG) in the state engaged in studies. The objective of the project is to bring about a positive change through ‘PVTG Pathshala’ to the children of especially vulnerable tribal groups living in remote villages, forests and difficult geographical conditions. In order to achieve this objective, the initiative of Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society under the Rural Development Department has started showing colours.

Society is working tirelessly to enroll children in school, strengthen basic education and inculcate the habit and interest in reading and writing. There are about 73 thousand PVTG families residing in the state. These groups have their own social and cultural identity. This group is also completely dependent on nature for livelihood. 140 PVTG schools are being operated at the village level in Pakur, Dumka, Deoghar, Godda, Garhwa, Latehar, Palamu, Gumla, Seraikela and East Singhbhum of the state under the UDAN project with the aim of covering the children of PVTG families with education.

In these 140 PVTG schools are about 3000 children from especially vulnerable tribal groups are studying. The work of teaching in PVTG Pathshala is done by PVTG Changemakers. These changemakers also come from the PVTG community. These are selected from amongst the PVTG group present in the village so that the children get convenience in studies. These changemakers provide basic education to the young people by organizing school in the morning and evening every day. In such a situation, PVTG Pathshala is proving to be a milestone in this difficult period of epidemic. This has not only rekindled the interest of children towards studies, but now parents have also become aware of the importance of education and the future of their children.

To facilitate the studies and to maintain the interest of the children, some basic learning materials are also distributed among the children studying in PVTG Pathshala through Pathshala Kits, which is bringing smiles on the faces of these children. Regular parent-teacher meeting is organized in PVTG Pathshala by this they also get to know about the abilities and interests of their children.

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