Provisions of land acquisition act should be properly followed in state: Rameshwar Oraon

Ranchi: State Finance and Food Supplies Rameshwar Oraon has advised the officers of the Central Government acquiring land for road and other projects to follow the provisions of the land acquisition act in letter and spirit before taking land from the rayats.

He said that adequate compensation should be given to the landowners for acquiring land for necessary projects. Dr Oraon was addressing a public meeting in Bedo organised by partymen over getting less compensation for land acquisition for NH-23 road widening and bypass. Rameshwar Oraon said that he has not come here to provoke or incite anyone but to inform about the Land Acquisition Act enacted by the Central Government in 2013 on the instructions of Congress President Sonia Gandhi. He said that there is a provision in this law that if the land is acquired by the central government for road, mining and other public utility works, then there is a provision to give compensation four times more than the market rate of the roadside land therefore the officers engaged in land acquisition should first read this law and get it followed literally, while they have come here to make the public aware on this issue.

He said that this area comes under the schedule area, for land acquisition in the schedule area, it is necessary to follow many rules, the permission of the gram sabha is necessary before the land acquisition. Land acquisition should be done only after following all these rules but he has come to know that the compensation being received for land acquisition for NH widening and bypass in Bedo is very less. He said that in Hazaribagh he had 25 decimils of land in the name of his wife, in return he got a compensation of Rs 57 lakh.

On this occasion, senior state Congress leader Alok Kumar Dubey said that the BJP government at the Center is continuously creating a vicious circle to grab the land. Earlier, an attempt was made to change this law itself, but after its failure, various conspiracies are being done.

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