Protest rally of Santhals in Bokaro on 5th November to save Luguburu Mountain, the religious place of tribals

Ranchi:  Protest against the proposed 1500 MW Lugu Pahad Pumped Storage Project of Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) has started in Luguburu Pahad (Bokaro), the religious place of the Santhal tribal community.

Regarding this, the Santhal community Dishom Manjhi Pargana held a press conference in the press club on Friday.

General Secretary Sona Ram Hembram said that on November 5, the Santhal community of the state will hold a huge public protest rally and demonstration against this project.

There is a demand from the DVC management and the Government of India that the proposed Hydel Pawar project at the religious place of the tribals should be cancelled.

Luguburu Mountain located in Bokaro has been a religious place for Santhal tribes across the country for centuries.

There is Lugubaba’s cave and sanctum sanctorum on the top of the mountain.

People of the Santhal community come here every year.

Perform puja and attain siddhi.

Sona Ram Hembram said that every year on Kartik Purnima, a two-day Mahakumbh of Santhals is held here.

Lakhs of people of the Santhal community gather and have darshan. Fulfill your wish. Sarna tribal religion conference takes place.

It is believed that the rules, regulations, customs and rituals of the Santhals from birth to death were fixed in the rock of this Luguburu.

But with the intention of ending the existence of the religious place of Santhals, a plan has been made to forcibly start the proposed 1500 MW Lugupahar Pump Storage Project of Damodar Valley Corporation, a Government of India undertaking, which we Santhal tribals oppose.

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