Pre-Holi Hair Care Guide for Healthy Tresses

New Delhi (IANSlife) It’s finally the month of Holi when we splash vibrant colours on each other and fill the air with excitement and anticipation. But, not to forget, the chemical dyes and UV exposure are also part of the Holi celebration. However, fret not! Before diving headfirst into the festivities, we must arm ourselves with knowledge and a robust pre-Holi hair care routine. From helping minimize the damage from artificial dyes to ensuring a swift colour wash from hair post celebrations, a pre-holi hair care regimen will protect hair health while allowing you to immerse in the joy of festivities without concerns.

Let’s explore essential tips and tricks with the help of Matthew Hiscox, Managing Director Inspired Beauty Brands (HASK) Asia-Pacific Brand -HASK, to ensure your mane remains luscious, vibrant, and resilient throughout the revelries.

Deep Condition Your Hair Before Holi

Holi colours can lead to dry and brittle hair. Hence, a deep nourishing hair mask always helps combat the roughness and dryness Holi celebrations can cause. Just a day before Holi, use a rich hair mask through your roots and hair length to ensure your hair is nourished enough to resist the damage.

Tie Your Hair For Minimum Exposure To Damage

Before walking out for Holi celebrations, consider tying your hair in loose braids or a bun to ensure the least hair damage. There are humungous hairstyles that tie hair in one place while giving a stylish look. Customize your Holi look in a way that promotes tied hair and not open tresses. When you do this, washing the hair, post celebrations, and restoring shine will be easier.

Apply Hair Oil & Massage Your Scalp

You are going to be so grateful for this tip because it will save your hair from Holi damage. All you have to do is indulge in a hair oiling and massage routine a day before Holi. Oil creates a shield on your hair that does not allow colour or smoke to penetrate and hence, protects your mane. Try this, and you will not regret it later.

Go For Split-Ends Trimming Before Holi

Holi colours tend to stick to hair and, when washed off, make hair more dry and rough. To avoid poky hair after Holi celebrations, you can go for a hair trim a few days before Holi and get rid of the split ends to ensure the Holi saga does not pave the way for further damage.

Be Gentle & Mild With Your Hair Care

You already know that Holi colours would not do anything good for hair, but make it dry, brittle, and frizzy. Hence, you must ensure that your hair care products balance the damage. Go with milder formulas that do not dry hair, use a conditioner after every wash, apply hair serum regularly, and massage your scalp so that your hair is strong enough to survive the colours and sun!

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