PM Modi is disturbed by Congress manifesto, BJP to be reduced to 180 seats – Rajesh Thakur

Ranchi: Jharkhand Congress President Rajesh Thakur said that ever since the Congress party has released the manifesto, Prime Minister Modi is distracted. There is panic in the BJP. He claimed that the Bharatiya Janata Party will be reduced to just 180 seats in this Lok Sabha election.

Rajesh Thakur said that the NDA has been in power for 10 years. Today, when the country is on the verge of elections, instead of counting the work of its last 10 years of tenure, BJP has resorted to the worn-out Hindu-Muslim script. Rajesh Thakur said that BJP is expert in polarization by creating communal atmosphere in elections. The public must avoid rumours. Voters have to decide that there should be no polarization of votes.

Rajesh Thakur alleged that BJP wants to impose communalism in the country. Rajesh Thakur said that this time the general elections are a fight to save the Constitution in the country. BJP did not have faith in the Constitution from the beginning.

Rajesh Thakur said that the Prime Minister has gone berserk. Their fear is clearly visible. Seeing defeat in front, they are saying unruly things. He said that all sections including farmers, youth and women have been included in the Congress manifesto. PM Modi wants to divert people’s attention from the core issues. This is why without thinking, they linked our manifesto with that of the Muslim League.

Rajesh Thakur said that the truth is that BJP’s forefather Shyama Prasad Mukherjee had run the government in Bengal, Sindh and NWAFP in the year 1942 in collaboration with the Muslim League. They were telling the British how the movement could be suppressed. 

The State Congress President said that there are special announcements in the Congress manifesto for states like Jammu and Kashmir, Puducherry, Ladakh, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi and Manipur. Congress has fulfilled whatever guarantees it has given to the people of the country. Today the public is asking BJP to answer the statements made and give an account of my development.

Elaborating on Congress Party’s 5 Justice 25 Guarantee, All India Congress spokesperson Jyoti Singh said that there are five pillars of justice in the Congress manifesto, which include youth justice, farmers’ justice, women’s justice, labour justice, equity justice.

Under this, immediate recruitment of 30 lakh vacant jobs, ending Agni Veer Yojana, guarantee of MSP, GST free seeds, fertilizers, agricultural enterprises, 50% reservation for women in government jobs, Rs. 1 lakh annually to the female head of a poor family, MGNREGA.

The wage of Rs 400 per day to gig workers includes economic and caste census apart from social security. 

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