Congress issued guarantee of insulting democracy, abusing constitutional institutions, guarantee of corruption, and guarantee of abusing Sanatan, should apologize to the countrymen : Babulal Marandi

Ranchi:  BJP President cum former Chief Minister Babulal Marandi has fiercely attacked Congress. He said that Congress first does injustice to the people of the country and then talks about Nyaya Yatra and opening shops of love. Congress should first apologize to the people of the country. He was addressing a press conference organized at the state BJP office on Monday. He said that the Congress Party has issued Nyaya Patra in the Lok Sabha elections. But Congress should apologize for the injustice it has done to the people of the country earlier.

He said that when there was a Congress government at the Centre, what the condition of the villages of the country was. People lived in a lot of trouble. During rainy days the village used to become an island. People did not even get kerosene oil easily. There was no electricity in the village. 

But ever since the Modi government has been formed at the Centre, electricity has reached village houses. Now the villagers do not even buy kerosene oil. Even lanterns and lamps are not visible in the village. PM Modi has worked to fulfill the pledge he took. Roads have been built in every village. People are getting pure drinking water through the tap water scheme. He said that earlier people had to stand in queues to get gas cylinders. 

But after the BJP government came to power, gas became easily available. Even after ruling for a long time, Congress never cared about the poor. Not only this, earlier the poor did not have bank accounts. But now every urban and rural person has his own bank account number. 

The government scheme reaches their account in one click. He said that earlier there used to be incidents of extremism at various places in the country. Our soldiers die after entering the enemy’s house. During Congress rule, there were riots all over the country. Used to play with the security of the country. Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of the country in 2014, after that the economic condition of the country improved.

Congress used to only vote politics. She only talked about reducing poverty. But even today there is poverty in the country. After the formation of PM Modi’s government, Marandi has made progress in the country’s development in all sectors. Today mobile phones are being manufactured in India and are also being exported. Whereas earlier it used to be there. 

Marandi said that Congress is guaranteeing loot and appeasement. Guarantee of insulting democracy, guarantee of abusing constitutional institutions, guarantee of corruption, and guarantee of abusing Sanatan. Whereas PM Modi is guaranteeing to make the country a developed nation by 2047.

Guarantee against corruption, guarantee of justice to women, guarantee of implementing the public welfare schemes of the Central Government. The people of the country have faith in PM Modi’s guarantee and the people are also giving guarantees to form the Modi government at the Center again. 

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