People must check their name in the voter list, in case of any discrepancy inform the BLO immediately: Election Commission CEO K Ravi Kuma

Ranchi:  The final publication of the voter list under Jharkhand state was done on Monday as per the timetable pre-determined by the Election Commission of India.

Chief Electoral Officer K. Ravi Kumar said that the voter list has been published in all the polling centers of the state.

The said voter list is also available for viewing by voters in important offices of the state related to elections.

If people wish, they can also see the newly published voter list on the website of CEO Jharkhand.

He has appealed to the voters of the state to definitely check their names in this updated voter list, if there is any discrepancy due to any reason. Inform this immediately to your BLO or your respective election registration office.

If they wish, they can also inform about this on the voter helpline center 1950 of the state.

He said that the voters of the state can also use the Voter Portal or Voter Helpline App for the said verification work.

Chief Electoral Officer K Ravi Kumar went to his polling station in Doranda and took a selfie with the voter list published there.

During this, he said that all the Booth Level Officers (BLOs) of the state have made better efforts to bring the voter list in a refined form, for which they deserve praise.

The hashtag campaign launched by voters to post their names on social media after seeing their names in the newly published voter list, continued trending across the country in the afternoon.

During the booth visit of the Chief Electoral Officer, Under Secretary Devdas Dutta and Deputy Electoral Officer (Headquarters) Sanjay Kumar were also present with him.

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