Optometrist and HOD of Eye Department Dr. RK Gupta taken charge as Director RIMS

Ranchi: After the resignation of Dr. Kameshwar Prasad as Director of Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) Hospital, Optometrist and HOD of Eye Department Dr. R.K.Gupta took charge as Director RIMS in Ranchi on Tuesday.

For the post of Director RIMS four names were sent in which HOD Medicine Department Dr. Vidyapati, Eye Department HOD Dr. RK Gupta, Medicine Department Dr. CB Sharma and Anatomy Department Dr. AK Dubey were included.

According to the Sources Anatomy Department, Dr. AK Dubey refused to take charge as Director RIMS. After the resignation of Dr. Kameshwar Prasad, many names were discussed for the post. Dr. Kameshwar Prasad said on his farewell that “I regret that I could not make RIMS hospital as per the standards of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS)”. He added that until then RIMS is not going to have the status of an Autonomous Institution, interference of outsiders will disrupt and collapse the system.”I did my best to bring transparency in the system”. Dr. Prasad said that Unfortunately I only got stressed.

A few interviews were also taken for the post. A few names of IAS Officers were taken for this post. Finally, the Health Department issued a notification in the name of Optometrist Dr. R.K Gupta as the new Director of RIMS.

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