On the instructions of the Chief Minister, the district administration reached the village of craftsmen

Ranchi: May the echo of Tabla, Mandar, Dhol, Mridang never diminish. May the traditions that have been going on for centuries remain intact. Craftsmen should be respected and their art should remain alive. For this purpose, on the instructions of Chief Minister Hemant Soren, the district administration team reached Andharjhor village located in Bodam block of Jamshedpur.

The Chief Minister had given the above order after getting information that the villagers were not getting the benefits of housing, pension, ration and other schemes. Let it be known that the campaign to cover people with basic facilities is going on continuously.

A special camp was organized in Andharjhor village. In this camp, applications related to housing, addition and deletion of name in ration card, pension under social security and KCC were received by the Agriculture Department. The district administration has started the work of linking the housing, pension and ration cards of the villagers of Andharjhor village with the scheme. Besides, assurance has been given for early resolution of other problems of the village.

In the camp, 104 for housing scheme, 05 for new ration card, 02 for adding member’s name in ration card, 01 for ration card transfer, 01 for Aadhaar correction in ration card, 01 for disabled pension under social security, 05 for old age pension and 02 applications for destitute pension were received. 25 people applied to avail the benefits of KCC.

On the instructions of the Chief Minister, Deputy Commissioner Manjunath Bhajantri met the craftsmen. He took information from the craftsmen about the time taken to make Tabla, Mandar, Dhol, Mridang etc., cost, construction material, market and the price received for their products. 

The villagers of Adharjhor, a village of 70 families, said that their village has been working to preserve the craftsmanship for many generations, but due to the price not being commensurate with the cost and the market not being available, people have started turning away from it. 

The Deputy Commissioner looked at the possibilities of building Vishwakarma Point in the vacant space near Sanjay Market in Sakchi, Jamshedpur. At this point, it has been considered to develop a market for craftsmen.

On the occasion, the administration gave information about the government’s welfare schemes like Chief Minister Self-Employment Scheme, Savitribai Phule Kishori Samriddhi Yojana, Phulo Jhano Ashirwad Yojana, scholarship, paddy procurement, agricultural equipment distribution scheme at subsidized rates and other ambitious schemes. People were also encouraged to take advantage of the schemes.

On the orders of the Chief Minister, villagers have been linked to various schemes. The process of covering the village with basic facilities has started. The tradition of musical instrument making by craftsmen that has been going on for hundreds of years will be promoted. Work for this has started.

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