Not getting the right resale amount? These tips may help

New Delhi (IANSlife) Flat or house owner often fail to get the right resale amount of their property. Keeping the following tips in mind and implementing them in the right manner will fetch you the right amount of money you have been waiting for in terms of your property value.

Below are a few important tips by Ankit Goel, Director, Goel Ganga Developments, to get right resale value of your property:

Right platforms — Well begun is half done

There is a proverb in the English language — Well begun is half done. And, this perfectly suits here as we are talking about the resale of the property. The first step towards selling off the property is that you spread the information that you want to sell it. A very important aspect of spreading the information is that you put your on-sale property on the right platforms, various channels, etc so that the information reaches the right kind of audience. If you are able to disseminate the information on the right platforms with correct details, it means half of the job is done.

Looks matter, a lot!

Owning a house is no less than a dream for homebuyers. And, nobody wants to buy a house that looks ugly or dirty. Many times, the property we want to sell out is good but despite this fact due to its appearance and the first impression that it leaves on visitors who are willing to buy property defeats the purpose. The crux of the matter is to make sure your house is in good condition, free of dirt, dust and clutter so that when any visitor comes to see your property on sale. If possible, even you can get some work done on interiors to demand a little more money.

Only truth, no lies

When you decide to put your property on sale, be clear about the fact that why you want to sell it and what is the actual reason behind the plans to move out from the property. People who show interest in resale property always remain curious to know that what’s the reason behind selling it out. No matter what the reason is — job change, commute issues, office distance, children’s school or any other — but be sure and clear in telling the potential homebuyers visiting your property that you want to move out of this property because of a particular reason. It’s always better to be clear than saying sorry at a later stage.

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