Non-tech offers at the forefront for job recovery in 2023: Report

New Delhi (IANS) As the tech sector bleeds in the ongoing global economic crisis, non-tech jobs could be at the forefront for recovery in 2023, a report showed on Friday.

Ever since the pandemic, tech roles have been on a rise, with even new age roles like Web3, blockchain, cloud and security gaining prominence.

However, as effects of the pandemic relatively subsided in 2022, the world saw a return to normalcy in sectors like BFSI and healthcare.

The largest increase in jobs was seen for the role of loan officer and bank officer was another role in the same sector that saw a tremendous increase, according to leading job portal Indeed.

“In 2022, we saw a significant increase in non-tech roles, given the relative return to normalcy in various sectors and we expect them to be at the forefront in job recovery in 2023,” said Sashi Kumar, Head of Sales, Indeed India.

Additionally, “we foresee the growth of gig roles as well, with Indeed’s data showing that a 9-11 million strong gig workforce is in the making in the next three years,” he added.

Tech roles are currently on a downward trend given that global technology companies are hiring cautiously due to the various economic shifts.

“However, in 2023, India will still see a demand for tech roles, especially in areas like 5G and telecommunications, given India’s progress in this space,” said Kumar.

Roles in healthcare and allied fields also saw an increase in jobs in 2022 with radiologists, pharmacists and dentists in demand.

“Software engineering manager, application developer, and senior technical specialist are some of the job roles with the largest decrease in jobs,” the report showed.

Overall, while employers were cautious in hiring in 2022, job postings were well above their pre-pandemic baseline (February 2020) by 181 per cent on the job portal.

“Looking ahead into 2023, employers are in fact optimistic about their hiring activity — with 45 per cent of employers surveyed by Indeed foreseeing upto a 20 per cent increase in hiring,” said the report.

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