No kind of negligence or laxity will be tolerated in various schemes being run under Mnrega- Secretary

Ranchi: Secretary of the Rural Development Department Prashant Kumar said that several developments and welfare schemes of the Rural Development Department are going on across the state and Deputy Commissioners and Development Commissioners have an important role in putting all these schemes on the ground in the districts. 

Chairing a review meeting with the members of the ratification mission team of the department he said that the officials have to work with full responsibility for how people get the benefits of these schemes. He said that apart from speeding up the development of the state the schemes of the government should be taken to the people for whom these schemes have been made.

The Secretary said that the State Rural Development Ratification Mission Team has been formed to provide ratification in the schemes run by the Rural Development Department in the state. The members of the ratification mission team are nominated and should continuously monitor the schemes by visiting the area.

The secretary said that this campaign will continue not only till now but also in the future. He said that in some areas different districts have made good achievements, while many districts are lagging behind. In such a situation where the pace of development is slow all concrete steps should be taken to speed it up.

The secretary also said that there are many challenges before the districts. They also have to take immediate decisions according to time and circumstances in such a situation the officials should take their decision in such a way that the maximum number of residents of the state can benefit from it.

The Secretary also instructed to build a model of dialogue between the government and the villagers. Further, there should be IEC activity for the schemes of the Rural Development Department in all the districts and all the members of the ratification mission team should regularly inspect the implementation and progress of various schemes by visiting the area.

In the review meeting, the Secretary directed the concerned officials that all the works under Mnrega should be completed on time. He said that it should be a priority to make the welfare schemes run under Mnrega successful. Further, he said that due to the better implementation of the schemes, expected improvements can be made in the lives of the common people. He directed that being sensitive, efforts should be made to connect people with welfare schemes.

Along with this, while visiting the area continuously, he will ensure to speed up the completion of the scheme. In the meeting Mnrega Commissioner Rajeshwari B, Special Secretary, Rural Development Department Ram Kumar Sinha, Joint Secretary Shail Prabha Kujur and other officials were present.

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