Niti Aayog Governing Council Meet: Hemant demands separate religious code for tribals in census form

Ranchi: Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren on Saturday demanded for a separate religious code for the tribals in the census.

Participating in the meeting of the governing council meet of the Niti Aayog via virtual mode which was chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi the Chief Minister said that to protect the rights of the tribals the tribal ministry was constituted and even the fifth and sixth schedule in the Constitution have been made for protecting the rights of the tribals.

The Chief Minister said that the tribal community has a separate civilization culture and social structure and for the last many years the members of the community have been demanding a separate column in the census. He said a proposal in this regard has been passed by the Jharkhand assembly through which a demand has been made to include the Sarna Adivasi religious code in the census and hoped that the Government of India will have a compassionate look over it.

The Chief Minister said that during his visit across by state he interacts with the old age people who often complain that they are not receiving the pension and when asked the concerned officials say the target has been completed and asked as to whether to a universal pension scheme can be implemented so that the old age people can be benefited. He said that the center has not increased the pension since 2007 however the state government has increased its fund and urged the center to make pension universal.

He said that the state government wanted to increase the purchasing power among the villagers for which special attention is being paid towards agriculture social security health education and basic infrastructure. He said that the state government was working towards giving the status of agriculture to lac and silk cultivation. He said that he was of the view that the country will become Aatmnirbhar when the rural areas will be empowered and advocated the need towards paying attention for increasing economic resources among the rural population.

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