Nishikant Dubey said, Kalpana Soren would be next CM, while tweeting on the resignation of JMM MLA from Gandey Sarfraz Ahmad

Ranchi: JMM MLA Sarfaraz Alam from Gandey assembly seat of Jharkhand resigned from the legislative post on 31 December 2023.

The Assembly has also issued a letter accepting this.

But the resignation of Gandey MLA has created a new stir in the politics of Jharkhand.

Political parties have started talking about the Hemant Soren government.

In this sequence, BJP’s Godda MP Nishikant Dubey has surprised everyone by tweeting on X handle.

Actually, Nishikant Dubey has tweeted that Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren will resign from the post of CM and his wife Kalpana Soren will be the next Chief Minister of the state.

By tweeting, Nishikant Dubey has mentioned a judgment of Mumbai High Court and explained the reason for not holding elections on Gandey seat.

It is said that as per the decision of Katol Assembly of Mumbai High Court, elections cannot be held in Gandey now.

When the Katol Assembly became vacant in Maharashtra, the tenure of the Assembly was vacant for 1 year and 50 days.

@CPRGuv Governor Sir, if Kalpana Soren ji cannot become an MLA from anywhere, then how will she become the Chief Minister?

@INCIndia is trying to make Jharkhand a pasture.

Not only this, Nishikant Dubey has also said by tweeting that, Governor Jharkhand @CPRGuv should take legal advice, Jharkhand Assembly was formed on 27 December 2019.

Sarfaraz Ahmed resigned on 31 December.

Elections cannot be held in less than a year.

This party is not of Hemant Soren ji but of Shibu Soren ji.

@SitaSorenMLA, @BasantSorenMLA are MLAs, is the condition of the party of Champai ji, Mathura ji, Simon and Lobin, Nalin ji’s blood and sweat so bad?

By the way, the NDA will win the Gandey seat in any case.

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