Nine cylinder bombs recovered from Budha Pahad – Nine cylinders were kept hidden in Latu forest, recovered, police defused them

Ranchi:  Police have recovered nine cylinder bombs from the Latu forest of Budha Pahad of Latehar.

The cylinder bombs were hidden in the forest by the Maoists.

Among the recovered bombs, seven cylinder bombs of 2.5 kg each, one tiffin bomb and one check ball bomb have been recovered.

Which was defused on the spot.

SP Anjani Anjan has given this information.

He said that secret information was received that Maoists had hidden cylinder bombs in Latu forest.

After this, a team was formed under the leadership of Jharkhand Jaguar, CRPF and District Police and a raid was conducted in the forest.

In which cylinder bomb has been recovered.

Which was defused on the spot.

He said that Budha Pahad has been a safe zone for Maoists for three decades.

Whom the police chased away.

But the cylinder bombs hidden by them are lying in the forest.

Which is slowly being recovered.

SP Anjani Anjan has appealed to the villagers living nearby that unless it is absolutely necessary, no villager should go into the forest.

The Maoists have definitely fled Budha Pahar, but the cylinders and ID bombs planted by them are still lying in the forest.

A major incident can happen at any time.

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