Necessary to make Narendra Modi to PM for the third time – Arjun Munda

Ranchi:  Union Minister Arjun Munda said that the coming century will belong to India. For this, it is necessary to make Narendra Modi the Prime Minister for the third time and this is possible only if you vote for BJP in the Lok Sabha elections.

The occasion was the election public meeting organized in Khunti. This public meeting was organized in Lapa and Udikel villages of Karra block. Arjun Munda is also the BJP candidate from Khunti parliamentary seat. Munda said that those who ruled the country for 60 years blocked the development of villages. For development we have to take tradition and change together. For a developed India, we have to bring dynamism in development.

On one hand we talk about organic food and are moving away from cow dung. There should be time bound work for development. Time does not stop when the clock stops. Attacking the state government, Arjun Munda said that those who have grabbed Bhuihari’s land will neither develop the tribals nor protect them. This government also tried to change the CNT Act in order to hand over the tribal land to brokers. The file regarding amendment in CNT is still lying with the then minister Mathura Mahato.

The minister said that the BJP government has given a lot of respect to the tribals, especially Khunti. Before Prime Minister Narendra Modi, no Prime Minister had visited Ulihatu, the birthplace of Lord Birsa Munda. Draupadi Murmu is the first President, who went to Ulihatu and bowed to Mother Earth. Munda called upon the people to cooperate in making Narendra Modi the Prime Minister by voting in favor of BJP in the Lok Sabha elections to be held on May 13.

BJP leader Brajendra Hamerom welcomed the guests. During the welcome program organized in Udikel village, Arjun Munda was greatly impressed by the talent of Surdas Munda, a blind mandar player from the same village. He shook hands with Surdas and took him along holding his hand for some distance.

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