Naxalite bunker demolished in Giridih: Police and CRPF recovered explosives

Ranchi: The banned Maoist organization CPI Maoist suffered major damage in Giridih in the joint operation of Jharkhand Police and CRPF. On Thursday, police and CRPF were conducting a joint operation in the Parasnath area.

A huge quantity of explosives have been recovered during the operation. At the same time, the bunker of Naxalites has also been demolished. According to Giridih SP Deepak Sharma, Giridih District Police along with CRPF 54th Battalion was conducting a search operation in the area of Parasnath. Where Naxalites were found to have a bunker in the hilly area of Parasnath. 

During the intensive search operation, explosives and many other types of goods were found inside the bunker along with a big water tank. Codex wire was kept hidden in the tank itself. Giridih District Police along with CRPF 54th Battalion is continuing its investigation against Naxalites.

Actually, the police had received information that there is activity of Naxalites in the Parasnath area. After this information, the police became active. Giridih District Police along with the CRPF 54th Battalion launched an intensive investigation operation. 

As a result of this intensive investigation, a large number of explosives and various types of wires have been recovered.

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