National Khadi and Saras Mahotsav 2023-24 attract thousands of people

Ranchi: National Khadi and Saras Mahotsav is organized at Morhabadi ground in Ranchi city.

In this festival, the youth along with the people saw the biography of Gandhi.

The fair will continue from now till January 12, 2024.

A large number of people from Ranchi are going to the fair.

Pure desi cotton fabric is hardly available anywhere, but in the Khadi fair, all types of local cotton fabric clothes, sarees, bedsheets, shawls, bundis are available in very colorful and designer quality.

There is a huge crowd of women customers at the stalls with colorful shawls.

Gandhi Museum is attracting people towards itself.

One can get to know about Gandhi’s life in Gandhi Museum.

The car in which Mahatma Gandhi went from Ranchi to Ramgarh to attend the Congress Party’s general convention in 1940 has also been installed in the museum.

Before this car, President Dr. Rajendra Prasad, former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri, former President Dr. Zakir Hussain has also taken the ride.

The process of making khadi jewellery, clothes and thread has been shown in the museum.

This year in the exhibition inside the museum, people will be seen making lacquer bangles, thread and making khadi clothes.

Demonstrations of the art of making sarees and the operation of the charkha (charkha) are also included.

The exhibition of clothes in the Gandhi Museum is attracting the youth.

Along with seeing the youth, they are showing curiosity to know about the Khadi fabric.

Khadi bandi kurta pajama, silk sarees are the center of attraction in the Khadi fair.

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