Nadda appeals people to ensure victory on all 14 seats, attacks state govt

Gitridih: Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) National President Jagat Prakash Nadda on Thursday urged the people of the state to ensure the victory of the party on all 14 seats and attacked the state govt on several issues. He appealed to the people of Giridih not to vote JMM-Congress Alliance in the upcoming 2024 Loksabha Elections. Vote and make victory to BJP in all 14 Lok Sabha Seats.

BJP President JP Nadda reached Giridih on the completion of 9 successful years of the Narendra Modi-led NDA Government. Nadda met with leaders during ‘Sampark Se Samarthan Abhiyan’.

BJP President is on a two-day visit to Jharkhand and Odisha. In both states, he will attend Public and Organisational meetings. He left for Odisha after addressing a rally in the Giridih district of Jharkhand. He will address a public meeting in Jharsuguda in Odisha. Bharatiya Janata Party’s National President JP Nadda said the whole world is praising Modi, the Prime Minister and India’s sting is ringing in the world but Congress is having stomach ache. Congress’s fury will not make any difference, we will write a new story by taking forward this journey of development.

Nadda was addressing a public meeting organized at Jhanda Maidan in Giridih on Thursday. Nadda said there is no one to lead the changing picture and destiny of India, that is our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. There is so much happiness when the Prime Minister speaks and the world listens. Yesterday was a historic day. When on 9th International Day of Yoga on June 21, Prime Minister Narendra Modi joined his culture, led his style of Yoga at the United Nations Headquarters. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done the work of celebrating International Yoga Day and leading it to spread India’s method, yoga related to India’s culture in the world.

The Prime Minister is meeting with the top CEOs of companies in the world, Nobel laureate Paul Romer said I met Modi ji and I came to know how Modi ji has made Aadhaar the basis of India’s development. Similarly, the world’s top
businessman Elon Musk said that he is a fan of Modi. During the tour of Australia, the Australian Prime Minister said “Modi you are the boss.” Some call him a global leader and some call Modi the only leader who can bring change. Some call him a great patriot. This is the changing picture of the new India. 

But it is sad to say that our Congress brothers do not like the praise of Modi, the praise of the country. In 2014, India’s economy was at the 10th position, while today under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, India’s economy has become the fifth largest economy in the world, leaving Britain behind. Today, Foreign Direct Investment worth US$ 884.8 billion is invested in India. We have become the fourth largest steel manufacturer in the world.
In 2014, 92 percent mobiles used to come from China and other countries in India, today 97 percent mobiles are made in India. Now Apple is also made in India. This is a changing picture. Nadda said if we look at the infrastructure, in the last 9 years, Rs 18 lakh crore has been spent in India only on roads, highways, roadways, airways and railways. 

This year, where 54,000 kilometres of roads and NHs were built, 616 kilometres of metro rail were built in our country in 9 years. In 2014, where 5.6 km of rail tracks were laid daily, today 14.3 km is being laid daily. Before 2014, National Highways where 12 kms were built daily, today 29 kms are being built. 1 lakh crore is being spent on this. 74 airports were built during 70 years of rule, while 74 airports were built in just 9 years of Modi ji’s government. This is the changing picture of India. While Modi ji took forward the journey of development, Hemant Soren’s government has worked to push Jharkhand backward in every way. Appeasement is at its peak in Jharkhand and the law and order situation in the state has collapsed. 

The state government is supporting those who break the law. The biggest land scam in history happened during the government of ‘Jharkhand Mukti Morcha’. Liquor scam happened in this government. Wherever there is a non-BJP government, I don’t know what the affair of liquor scam there is. Illegal mining has also got a boost in the Hemant government. Sahebganj is a big example. JMM and Congress people are standing in support of Bangladeshi infiltrators in Santal Pargana.

By giving shelter to Bangladeshi infiltrators, the Hemant Soren government is working to nurture non-nationalists. Bangladeshi infiltrators/ Rohingyas are exploiting tribal daughters/sisters in Santhal Pargana and all this is happening under the patronage of the government. The cases of Ankita Singh and Rubika Paharia are examples of this. 

State President and MP Deepak Prakash, Babulal Marandi, Raghuvar Das, Aditya Sahu, Annapurna Devi, Asha Lakra, Sameer Oraon welcomed National President Mr. JP Nadda by presenting him shwal and mementos on the stage. 

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