JMM dares Nadda to visit Manipur

Ranchi: Senior JMM leader Supriyo Bhattacharya lashed out at the Central Government, BJP and BJP National President JP Nadda in a press conference held at the party office on Thursday. Giving an open challenge to Nadda, he said if he has the courage, he should go to Manipur, where only his MLAs and ministers are demanding the resignation of the local government there. If he has the guts, then he should say something about BJP’s domineering MP Braj Bhushan Singh, who is accused of physical abuse and sexual abuse with our women wrestlers.

Supriyo Bhattacharya said BJP’s central leaders, including Nadda, are unnecessarily running a Sampark Abhiyan by coming here in the name of state leaders. Ridiculing Babulal Marandi on the site selection of Giridih, said that it seems that the wrong place has been selected. Not attending even 5000 thousand people in Nadda’s meeting is an insult to him. If the state BJP wants, it should ask JMM from next time. We will send 10-20 thousand people for his programme. 

Lashing out at the central government, Bhattacharya said that it is trying to destroy the federal system. Now FCI will not sell rice in Karnataka. This means that wherever there is a non-BJP government, the central government will make policies in its own way. He said what will happen if we refuse to lift coal, copper, asbestos, uranium etc. minerals from Jharkhand. Will the Prime Minister, Home Minister and JP Nadda run the country?

The central government should stop this kind of act, otherwise, we are ready to answer it in its own way. Bhattacharya said Naddaji comes here and teaches us about law and order. During his stay, there were four murders in Delhi, about which he should first ask his Home Minister for an answer. He said Nadda ji lies on the land of Birsa Munda, Parasnath and Sidhu-Kanhu that too by installing big sound systems it’s Strange.

He said the Modi government could not provide even 70 thousand jobs instead of 18 crore jobs in nine years. The fertilizer subsidy has been abolished. Under the Ujjwala scheme, a 19 kg iron box was given, which was never refilled after that.

Giving the name of Bhoi Dada to the National Vice President and former CM, Bhattacharya said from where did he come to know that the CM was the chief guest in the Yoga program or that he had to go there. Showing the paper of the announced program of PRD, he said that there is no name of the Chief Minister anywhere in it. So which PRD officer told him that the name of the CM was there? Raghuvar ji wakes up now. Because the kado (Mud) is over here now, the lotus cannot bloom here. What have you not done? Even the elephant was blown away. Records were made by appointing on contract. Later everyone came on the road.

Supriyo Bhattacharya said that our government made 19630 appointments in various departments in two years despite Corona and all kinds of adverse circumstances. Para teachers were recognized as assistant teachers. Very soon there will be around 21 thousand appointments through JSCC. The requisition has been sent. Another JPSC is expected to take place this year.  

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