MS Dhoni met with BJP Leaders ahead of Lok Sabha Elections

Ranchi: Former Captain of Team India Mahendra Singh Dhoni met with Rajya Sabha MP and Former Jharkhand State BJP President Deepak Parkash and Ranchi MLA and Former Jharkhand Assembly Speaker CP Singh and BJP MLA from Kanke Samri Lal ahead of upcoming Lok Sabha Elections in Ranchi on Thursday.

A round of speculations started as to whether Dhoni would be seen with BJP leaders in Ranchi. Although winter has set in, political heat can be felt in the air. Only a few months are left for the announcement of Lok Sabha elections. Now less than 1 year is left for Jharkhand Assembly elections. \ Now in the election season, if a personality like Dhoni was seen with BJP leaders, speculations were bound to arise.

Actually, a picture of Mahendra Singh is going viral.The picture is of Birsa Munda Airport of Ranchi. In this picture, Dhoni is seen with BJP Rajya Sabha MP Deepak Prakash, Ranchi MLA CP Singh and Kanke MLA Samri Lal.

A hushed discussion has started whether Mahi will join the new team in the election season. It was said that Dhoni’s leadership abilities are excellent. He has an amazing ability to recognize the qualities of his teammates.

They remain calm and find solutions to problems even in difficult situations. Do not panic in adverse circumstances. As far as popularity is concerned, Dhoni has no match in that too. In such a situation, if Dhoni enters politics, success is guaranteed there too.

Actually, people love Dhoni not only because of his cricketer but also because of his personality. People also love Dhoni for his simplicity and selfless spirit. Actually, Dhoni fits in the qualities that an ideal politician should have. 

Now, only Dhoni can decide whether Dhoni will ever enter politics or not.

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