MP raised questions regarding lapse in security of PM Modi

Ranchi: MP Sanjay Seth has raised serious questions regarding the security lapse at Radium Road during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Ranchi. MP Shri Seth said that this is not a normal matter. The lapse in security of the Honorable Prime Minister is a serious matter. 

It is a mistake of the government for a woman to come directly in front of the car of the Prime Minister. After all, how does a woman come in front of the PM’s car amid tight security? This should not be taken lightly. Whatever may be the matter, whoever the woman may be, it is about the security of the PM. It is associated with special security. This is purely government and administrative negligence.

MP Seth said that the government should get a high-level investigation done into this matter as to why there was such a big lapse in the security of the Prime Minister. Action should be taken against the culprits. Along with this, it should also be ensured that such incidents do not recur in the future.

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