Mount Everest conquerors said – trust is more important than enthusiasm

Ranchi: Inaugurating Mount Everest Summit, CMD Central Coalfields Limited (CCL) B Veera Reddy said, Mountain inspire us to keep patience and express gratitude and show highest achievement.

Whether it is Everest, if you want to conquer it, then it is more important to have faith in yourself than enthusiasm.

Listening to motivational stories, watching videos can inspire you to conquer Everest, but for this success you must have faith in yourself.

The same thing applies to your life’s successes, where you start to achieve any destination, but success comes only when you have self-confidence.

This is to say of the 13 mountaineers of the country gathered in the CCL Darbhanga House Auditorium of Ranchi.

In 1953, Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and Tenzing Norgay of Darjeeling conquered Everest.

Everest Summit was organized in Ranchi on this occasion.

Where climbers shared their experiences.

Jamling Tenzing Norge, Megha Parmar, Arunima Sinha, Satyarup Siddhant, Manisha Waghmare, Kuntal Joisher, Anuja Anand, Vaidya Bhagwan Chawle, Hemant Gupta, Aditi Vaidya, Col Ranveer Jamwal, Vinita Soren, Rudra Prasad Haldar, Priyanka Mohite, Premlata Agarwal.

Organized by the joint effort of CCL, Cyber Peace Foundation and Idiot Inspire Ignite Foundation, this is the first time that 13 mountaineers shared their experiences from a single platform.

Mountaineers said that now there is a flood of people who have conquered Everest.

But most of them do not get a chance in this.

He said that now the mountains are getting dirty in the name of mountaineering.

There has been a loss of respect for the mountains.

We have to take care of this also.

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