Monsoon Session: Speaker asks MLAs not to do a self goal or allow walk over to the other side

Ranchi, Jul 16: Stating that Vidhan Sabha was the most suitable place to hold dialogue Jharkhand Assembly Speaker Dinesh Oraon today said that lack of communication outside and inside the house creates obstacles in the path of development therefore the MLAs should not do a self goal or allow walk over to the other side as it was not a good indicator for democracy.

In his inaugural address during the opening day of the Monsoon Session of the Jharkhand Assembly Mr Oraon said that the house was not able to rise upto the parameters of the democracy as the legislative works have taken a back seat and instead political ambitions were calling all the shots. He said that assembly belonged to each and every member and he did not wanted that the rights of any MLA is taken away.

The speaker said that if the members will do their work than rights of others would be automatically safeguarded and asked upon all the members to think as to how the house should function. He said that no matter how many times all party meetings, party meetings of meetings of chief whips of the different parties is held but unless the work is visible inside the house there was no point of having these meetings.

Mr Oraon called on the leader of the house, leader of the opposition and leaders of other political parties to make extra efforts to ensure that the house functioned properly and said that it was the responsibility of their respective leaders to keep their MLAs in discipline. He said that when the house does not functions than such forces which are against the development breathe a sigh of relief.

The speaker said that the legislature was not sucessful in making the executive responsible and said that when the house is allowed to function normally and discussion is held as per the rules and regulations than only the government will be able to answer and review of schemes will take place while on the other hand the executive would also become responsible towards the legislature and those creating obstacles in development will take a backseat.

Mr Oraon asked the MLAs not to do a self goal or give walk over to the other side as it was not a good sign for the democracy. He assured the MLAs that all would be given an ooportunity to express their views and if needed after the stipulated time frame the functioning of the house will be further extended but for that cooperation of all was needed.

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