Monsoon departs from Jharkhand on time

Ranchi: The Monsoon has finally completely gone away from Jharkhand. Monsoon has departed from all over the state from its scheduled time on October 11. This time the monsoon had entered Jharkhand on June 12. Scientists at the local weather station Abhishek Anand said that the weather would remain dry in the state for the next three days. Morning and evening chill will continue while after 15, the weather will once again take a turn and during this period good rains can be seen in Jharkhand till October 17. This time post-monsoon has also rained heavily in Jharkhand. The period from 1st October to 11th October was post-monsoon in Jharkhand.

The state has received 59.9 mm of rain during this period which is about 10 mm more than the average expected rainfall. During this, excellent rain was recorded in Ranchi. Ranchi on average is expected to receive 1074.6 mm of rain during the monsoon period whereas 1213.9 mm of rainfall has been recorded in Ranchi during this year which is 13 percent more than normal. From June 1 to September 30, Lohardaga recorded the highest rainfall in the state, which is 49 percent more than normal.

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