MNREGA Park: Financial booster for Jharkhand Villagers

Ranchi: There are 41 revenue villages under Churchu block of Hazaribagh with 12 revenue villages in Churchu Panchayat.

Village Dumar has become the center of MNREGA schemes with more than 10 schemes of MNREGA being operational there at present. Nine families from Dumar village are developing a MNREGA Park on 10 acres of land, which ensures at least 20 days of employment in a month. Every scheme under MNREGA will be included in this park. This 10-acre park will not only create permanent assets in the village but will also ensure employment to the workers seeking employment in the respective block.

People have heard about or seen Flower Park and Food Park, but if one talks about MNREGA Park, then they will probably be surprised. A park where people’s employment is being generated, a park where the government’s schemes are implemented on the ground and which will play an important role in shaping the present and future of the villagers.

Along with the help of the government and villagers 10 schemes of MNREGA are operational here. Irrigation Well, Dobha, Didi Bari, Wormi Compost, TCB, Shed and other MNREGAoperated schemes are being successfully implemented on the ground.

MNREGA Park is a model for better implementation of schemes. It is also a strong model of Gram Swaraj. MNREGA Park has been constructed in village Dumar of Churchu block for the construction of various assets and to display them at one site. There at least 10 types of assets can be realized in a single area. With the construction of the park, better utilization of assets and proper management will be done. Along with this, employment will be created at that place throughout the year and the beneficiaries will be linked with employment.

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