Mixed response to FJCCI call for three day shops shutdown

Ranchi: The call of the Federation of Jharkhand Chambers of Commerce and Industries to keep shops and business establishments closed for three days from Friday to Sunday got a mixed response in the capital and adjoining areas.

In the key areas including MG Road, Upper Bazaar, Ratu Road, Hinoo, Doranda, Bariyatu and Harmu areas most of the shops remained open. On MG Road, 60 percent of the shops remained opened since morning while remaining who had shut their shops opened their shops in the afternoon. On the other hand in the daily market, the shops opened as usual and people also turned out in large numbers however on the roads the number of vehicles was less than other days ad less number of autorickshaw and E-rickshaw operated as the autorickshaw drivers association has also extended support to call of FJCCI.

In one of the busiest shopping hubs in the capital popularly known as Rangrez Gali all the shops opened as usual. Shopkeepers who had opened their shops said that they have their families and children to feed and they have given their moral support to the Bandh but the state government should decide on the lockdown. The traders in Upper Bazaar said that they are against the call as to when shops would open after the closure of three days unnecessary crowding would take place.

A member of the industry body said that if a complete lockdown is imposed then it would be better as the traders and their associations would stand with whatever decision the state government would take.

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