Jharkhand High Court raps State Government over slow pace of Coronavirus tests

Ranchi: The Jharkhand High Court on Friday rapped the state government over the slow pace of conducting Coronavirus tests in the state.

A bench comprising Chief Justice Dr Ravi Ranjan and Justice Sujeet Narayan Prasad sought answers from the state government over the slow pace of tests. The court wondered as when so much time was being taken to provide the test reports of the sample collected from the staff and other personnel of the high court than what would be the condition of the common people. The High Court asked the government to speed up the testing process in the state and also create awareness among the people.

The Court even went on to say that the state government should take quick measures as the situation might be like that of the neighbouring state of Bihar.

The court also suggested that an isolation center should be made for the staff and judges of the high court at the judges guest house and asked the state government to send a proposal in this regard. It also suggested that the vacant building of the judicial academy can be also used for this purpose.

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