Maoist bunker demolished in Budha Pahar, arms and bullets recovered in huge quantity

Latehar: During the special going on in Budha Pahar a Maoist bunker was busted from which bombs rifles and a huge quantity of bullets kept hidden by the Maoists have been recovered. Superintendent of Police Anjani Anjan told a press conference in Police Line that secret information was received that Maoists are planning to travel in the area around Budha Pahar.

The main objective of the Maoists is to obtain state-of-the-art weapons, ammunition and IED bombs already hidden in bunkers and use them against the security forces deployed in the newly established Tisia, Navatoli and Jhaludeda police camps. 

After a successful campaign in Budha Pahar for the last ne and a half months, all the CPI Maoists active in Budha Pahar were forced to leave their stronghold of three decades and fled. By Special Operation of Latehar District Force Cobra 203, AG 8, BDDS 12, CRPF 218 under Latehar District Force Baresad police the CPI-Maoist were driven out. IED pressers, IED hand grenades and ammunition were kept from these places hidden by the CPI-Maoists which has been recovered by the police.

He said that the CPI Maoists used to target security forces by planting can bomb in places considered to be safe zones of Maoists but by showing indomitable courage and intelligence, the police not only secured the entire area but also safely reached the bunkers of the Maoists and seized all the state-of-the-art arms and ammunition kept.

With the success of this joint operation, the morale of Jharkhand Police, CoBRA and CRPF jawans has also increased.

The seized IEDs have been deactivated while the operation is still on by the police in the Budha Pahar area. Details of recovered arms and ammunition: 303 LMG with Rifle-01 & 04 Magazine, Rifle-with 01 & 01 Magazine. 5,56 mm INSAS Rifle – with 01 piece and 02 magazines. 09 Carbine – with 01 pieces and 02 magazines, 303 rifle – with 07 pieces and 11 magazines, 315 rifle – 09 pieces, 303 abuse – 474 pieces, 315 bullets 402 pieces, indigenous grenade – 41 pieces (unprimed), IED Bomb – 213 Pieces (Destructed at the site of the incident.), Indigenous UBHGL 01 piece, Bolt of 303 – 05 pieces, Piston rod of SLR Rifle – 02 pieces, Bullet of 22 – 75 pieces, Telescope – 01 piece, GPS – 03 Pcs, Walkie Talkie (Motorola) – 01 Pcs, Aluminum Nitrate – 02 Box, Armor’s Sprig – 20 Pcs, Codex Wire – 100 m approx, Electric Wire – 100 m approx, Red Banner – 01 piece, Black Uniform – 02 sets, Pouch –
06 pieces, Silig – 03 pieces, and Rod – 06 pieces have been recovered.

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