Local language films screened at Jharkhand Tribal Festival 2023

Ranchi: The people of Jharkhand showed a lot of enthusiasm regarding the Jharkhand Film Festival.

Jharkhand Tribal Festival 2023 featured films of local language filmmakers featured on national and international platforms.

Ranjit Oraon’s film Penalty Corner, Seral Murmu’s film Rawah, Deepak Besra’s film Mohot, Niranjan Kujur’s film Pahada, Anil Sikdar were screened at the festival.

Films like Jharkhand Kar Chhaila, Ramakrishna Soren’s April, Prabal Mahto’s Santhali film Bardu were screened.

Prabal Mahto’s Santhali film Bardu is a story of rural youth from the perspective of Jharkhand.

Ranjit Oraon’s film Penalty Corner is the story of a father’s struggle.

The hardships a father faces to get his daughter a hockey stick.

Seral Murmu’s film Ravaah is the story of villagers battling between the administration and Naxalism, which tells about their lives and how their lives change.

Niranjan Kujur’s Pahada is the story of a child during the Green Hunt who struggles to remember 13 pahadas.

Deepak Besra’s film Mohot is the story of a man’s struggle in today’s context of how to win a radio. 

He works hard for this and explains the importance of hard work to his grandson.

Apart from this, films like Edpa Kana, Dahar, Lako Bohra, Mundari Srishti Katha, Bandha Khet were also screened. Some films will be screened in TRAI tomorrow also on the demand of filmmakers.

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