Lobin Hembrome to contest election against Vijay Hansda in Rajmahal, said, victory to be mine

Ranchi:  A rebellion in the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha at the Rajmahal parliamentary seat. Veteran party MLA Lobin Hembrome from Borio assembly seat has announced to contest the Rajmahal elections as an independent candidate. He said that despite public anger against Vijay Hansda, the party has given him the ticket. He also took Kalpana Soren to task. He said that I was advised to talk to Kalpana Soren for tickets but she is at the party.

He said that if Hemant Soren had taken power after the death of Durga Soren, then now Basant Soren should have been the Chief Minister. Where did Kalpana come from? Lobin Hembrome meanwhile claimed that he had met  Basant Soren.Basant Soren was also not in favour of giving ticket to Vijay Hansda. Despite this the party gave him the ticket.

Lobin Hembrome had said that he had conducted a survey in the Rajmahal parliamentary constituency from his own level. There is resentment among the public towards Vijay Hansda. He had said that he is not leaving the party but is showing it in a mirror.

Lobin Hembrome said that the party had promised local policy, planning policy and the PESA Act. Not completed. Even the promise of employment was not fulfilled. Jharkhand Mukti Morcha has given a chance to Vijay Hansda for the third time from Rajmahal parliamentary seat.

Lobin Hembrome has made the contest interesting by announcing that he will contest from here as an independent candidate. BJP has fielded former MLA Tala Marandi here. Lobin Hembrome contested the election as an independent, the contest here has become triangular.

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