Liquor shops not to close in Ranchi on day of polls in West Bengal

Ranchi: The administration has withdrawn the orders of closing the liquor shops in Ranchi 48 hours before the elections in the neighbouring state of West Bengal.

Due to the pressure from liquor traders and fearing loss of revenue the district administration was forced to take the decision. As per the new order, only such areas which have direct contact with the borders of West Bengal in those areas only 48 hours before the polls in the neighbouring state the shops will be kept closed.

It was assumed that the announcement of the day just before the festival of Holi might have resulted in to losses worth Rs 2.50 crore in revenue for the government. Ranchi alone contributes 20 percent of revenue.

As per an estimate, there are 90-93 shops in the capital which nearly generate Rs 90,000 as revenue apart from that revenue also comes from selling of country-made liquor.

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