Level of transparency and autonomy in central agencies has gone down: Hemant Soren

Ranchi: Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that the way the central agencies are now working in the country it is now visible that there is a lack of transparency and the level of freedom in the agencies has also decreased. In a press conference held at the Chief Minister’s residence on Saturday Soren said that there is some ‘shadow power’ behind these agencies which is getting their things done.

Continuing further he pointed out that the Election Commission has just announced the election dates for Himachal Pradesh but not for Gujarat and instead of following the calendar the commission has decided to change it. He said that the state government would protect the interests of every citizen living in the state. People of all sections including minorities, OBC, ST, and SC should rest assured as this government is doing work for the welfare of all sections of the people. 

He said that there should not be any feeling of insecurity in anyone regarding reservation and the rights as those who have to get will definitely get it. The government is looking at all aspects that on what basis who should get what rights and reservations and everyone’s feelings will be respected.

He said that earlier people used to gherao the houses MLAs and ministers to get their work done but now people are coming to the homes to thanking the ministers and the government for the initiative taken by the government on the issue of making the domicile policy on the basis of Khatiyaan of 1932. Emphasizing on the empowerment of panchayats Soren said that if the panchayats are strong then the village, block, district and state will be strong and rural economy will also gain momentum.

He said that soon he will sit with the people’s representatives of the Panchayat and chalk out ways through which the panchayats will be further strengthened. Apart from ensuring the role of Manki, Munda, Parganit, the Panchayati raj system will be also fine tuned.

On the issue of inclusion of the Kurmi community in the ST in the state Soren said that some political people are engaged in baking their political bread on this and there is nothing special about it. To a query, he said that no one should be disheartened or have any fears over the concerns raised about the Khatiyaan of 1932 in the state and the government will move forward keeping in mind those who are living in this state, the tribals and moolvasis peoples here. 1932 has been a sensitive issue and the opposition has been trying to make it a political issue he said adding that in the previous efforts he pointed people became thirsty for each other’s blood because of this but now with the initiative people are celebrating the decision like the festival of Holi and assured that in the proposal of the government concerns ans issues of each and everyone will be answered. 

The Chief Minister said that on the issue of confrontation between Tana Bhagat and the district administration in Latehar said that he has a very close relationship with Tana Bhagat community and he does believes that to the group of doing such acts but the investigation is going on over the incident which happened and it is being looked into seriously. There are some people who are trying to defame the entire community by entering among them, he claimed.

Recently the Chief Minister expressed displeasure over the issue of threats from Muslim activist organizations by the local administration in Giridih and when asked about the same he said that he was surprised at this. In other fields including bureaucrats, politics, there are people who keep such topics in the headlines. This matter has come to his notice and the matter has been questioned to the local administration and added that it has been directed that such a mistake should not happen again. 

On the question of giving unemployment allowance to the youth included in the manifesto of JMM Soren said that he is thinking ahead and he wants that instead of giving allowance, an initiative should be taken to make the youth self-reliant. They should be engaged in self-employment or employment he said adding that loans up to 5 lakh are being given for self-employment. Youth are being made aware about this by organizing camps in panchayats and villages and awareness is being created to take advantage of government schemes he said.

He pointed that even the Officials are going to the remotest corners of the state to give the benefits of the various schemes to the people. On the ongoing cases of Lokpal against JMM chief and Rajya Sabha MP Shibu Soren including his family members, the Chief Minister said legal issues were being answered through legal means. The central government is misusing the central agencies with immense power and asked as to whether any Chief Minister will do a scam on 88 decimil land therefore the person who accuses him of doing so should die by drowning in full water. Tribals have come forward from the deprived society and taking care of the system is not being digested by many opposition leaders. 

He said that the Centre owes Rs 1.36 lakh crore as royalty for minerals mined in the state which it will take it on any cost but when he started raising the issues the ghosts of various agencies are being made to come after him. 

The Chief Minister said that there no such instance will be found in the country when the accused is pleading for sentencing. In connection with the allegations against him and the correspondence of the Election Commission, he himself had gone to the Raj Bhavan with folded hands and has said that if there is any punishment let him know. The people of Mahagathbandhan have also gone but no response was received and now the help of RTI has also been taken and even if the answer is not received the court will be approached. He said that should it not be considered that the accused is being punished only by not answering the questions.

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