If I am guilty then punish me, I am being punished by not being informed- Hemant Soren

Ranchi: Chief Minister Hemant Soren had a long conversation with the journalists on Saturday during which he answered questions related to the current political situation in the state, from ED, Raj Bhavan, and the mining lease to the functioning of the state government.

He once again reiterated his resolve to protect the interests of citizens and said that there should not be any feeling of insecurity in anyone regarding reservation and all classes of people should be rest assured as the government will give equal rights and due respect to all.

Over the silence by the Raj Bhawan on the recommendations made by the Election Commission of India on the office of profit row, he said that allegations have been made against him but has anyone ever seen such an example in the country that the accused is pleading to hear the sentence? “With folded hands, I am asking His Excellency to give the sentence. If I am eligible for punishment, who already knows about it. Whose responsibility is that to take action if a criminal sitting in a constitutional place, the criminal is repeatedly saying what is his punishment, tell him. 

He said that his representatives also met the Governor and also met the Election Commission but it appears that he was being punished by not telling him his crime. “The situation which has arisen is nothing less than punishment for me. I have committed a crime, I have been sitting in the post for so long. Our opponents in the state are talking about morality. The Governor can tell about the punishment or only the Election Commission or the person standing behind it can tell but as far as he was concerned he was just waiting.

Over improvement in government schools, he said that the government is taking serious initiatives regarding school education. The students of government schools of the state lag behind in jobs and other opportunities and now the thinking of the state government is that the state government schools should run like private schools. This change in the state will be visible in the coming year and for this, teachers’ selection, training, and building construction works are being done.

He said that the government is running schemes like Birsa Harit Gram Yojana, electricity-free for planting trees, lease rights for planting trees on government land in the state which will enrich the forest areas of the state and the income of the people will increase.

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