Kareena shares happiness

New Delhi (IANSlife) Feelings of uncertainty, fear, anxiety and worry playing on your mind? While the world is dealing with the ‘new normal, sometimes an old school trick can help you find happiness – a simple bite of an ice-cream.

Don’t take our word for it, Kareena Kapoor Khan, thinks exactly so, as she sends out bars of Magnums to her close friends to make them a part of a #HappinessZone. “All of us are finding ways to stay positive and motivated during these times. I want to meet my friends every day but can’t until this global situation resolves. So, I thought why not deliver some happiness to them in the meantime, happiness in the form of Magnums that would cheer them up and make them smile. I mean, who doesn’t like ice-creams! And I love the concept of a #HappinessZone. It has so much positivity attached to it which is all that we need to get through this together”, said Kareena who is the Brand Ambassador, Magnum India.

The idea behind the initiative is to create a moment of joy for someone the actress has missed, someone she is very close to or just someone who she felt needed a pick-me-up.

The stigma and reservation attached to the red, amber and green zones in relation to the pandemic are strong reasons for people to feel low and discouraged. There was a need to find reasons, create moments that will put a smile on our faces. With this thought in mind, Kwality Wall’s launched its happiness is essential campaign by which it extends its reach through home delivery of yummy treats.

Himanshu Kanwar, General Manager- Ice Creams, Hindustan Unilever said, “These times are tough, and lately, the social narrative has been centred around making choices about what is essential and what isn’t. Amidst these debates and doubts, we often fail to enjoy little moments of joy for ourselves and our families – we forget that happiness is also an ‘essential’. It is inspiring to see Kareena go beyond the distance to truly deliver happiness to her friends and hope this inspires others to spread some joy among their loved ones as well.”

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