JPCC President Rajesh Thakur slams exit poll said, it is different from reality

Ranchi: Jharkhand Pradesh Congress Committee President Rajesh Thakur said that the exit polls that have come are an attempt by a non-biological person to exert psychological influence on the officials and frustrated BJP leaders and workers.

Exit polls are completely different from exact polls.

The kind of baseless and different types of exit polls that have been shown is absolutely wrong.

He said that many organizations gave space to those exit polls in which NDA was leading.

Later, many more exit polls came to manage it in which some were shown more in Northern, some in Southern, some in Eastern and some in Western states.

This is the election of the country and in the elections of the country people vote on the issues and there was never any discussion on the issues by the central government or the BJP leaders, it simply means that whatever promises they have been making to the public for the last 10 years have not been fulfilled.

He did not live up to his promise of providing 2 crore jobs, 15 lakh rupees and giving respect to women.

He did not talk about issues selectively because no institution or agency of the country took any action on the matter of Adani and Ambani sending black money through tempo.

He said that the exit polls that have been shown are going to destroy the credibility of the exit polls.

Efforts are being made to put pressure on the officials across the country that the counting of votes is in our favour so they can do as we want.

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