JP Nadda roared in Deoghar, government’s protection to sand mafia, land and love jihad in Jharkhand

Deoghar:  BJP National President JP Nadda addressed an election rally in Deoghar, Jharkhand on Wednesday regarding the Lok Sabha elections 2024.

Targeting the Indi alliance, he called the leaders corrupt.

He said that sand mafia, land jihad and love jihad in Jharkhand have the patronage of the state government.

Appealed to make BJP’s Dumka candidate Sita Soren victorious with huge votes.

BJP national president JP Nadda targeted the Indi alliance.

He said that the people of Indi alliance have nothing to do with you.

All of them are corrupt.

In Jharkhand, JMM members came to power by talking about water, forest and land.

Today the sand at the water’s edge is disappearing.

BJP national president JP Nadda said that sand mafia, land jihad and love jihad are going on in Jharkhand.

The sad thing is that all of them are protected by the state government.

BJP National President JP Nadda said that 10 years ago the common man of the country had accepted that politics was not going to change anything.

Our country had slipped into an apathetic mindset.

I had accepted that our country is corrupt and backward.

No change is going to happen through politicians.

JP Nadda said that in the last 10 years, Modi ji took the country forward with full force on the basis of his hard work, tenacity and karma.

This is why today the common man says that the country is changing.

The country is moving forward.

Today optical fiber was laid in 2 lakh villages.

Villages were connected through Wi-Fi.

Today 2 lakh common service centers are running in villages.

When PM Modi was laying optical fiber, Congressmen and Jharkhand Mukti Morcha people used to say that India is illiterate, this is a waste of money.

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