JMM doing both theft and embezzlement – Ramkumar Pahan

Ranchi: State in-charge of BJP Scheduled Tribe Morcha and former MLA Ramkumar Pahan attacked the ruling JMM by holding a press conference at the state office.

Pahan said JMM leaders and spokespersons are doing both theft and slander.

He said that the Hemant Soren family has created immense wealth by looting the land of poor innocent tribals in the state.

Along with this, they have given permission to loot the mineral resources of the entire state.

Said that on receiving the complaint by the ED, the investigation of the loot of the land is going on.

The Chief Minister of the State has serious allegations of involvement in the loot.

ED has summoned him for questioning again.

In such a situation, the statement of the JMM leader is the anger and restlessness of the loot being exposed.

It is said that the Shibu Soren family has looted the land of the poor on a large scale by changing their names.

In what has come to be known, names like Shiva Soren, Basant Prasad Soren and Hemant Kumar Soren have been recorded in the papers.

He said that in looting the Chief Minister took support of such people who do not come from tribal society and they have nothing to do with Jharkhand.

Said that not only this, when it comes to giving benefits to the tribals by the government, the Chief Minister also includes his own family in the benefits.

He allotted the land reserved for tribals in the name of Kalpana Soren.

Said that the Chief Minister is getting the party spokespersons to make statements to hide their loot and lies.

But the arm of law is very long.

It is difficult for thieves to escape.

The truth will always be exposed.

He said that the public will teach a full lesson to the JMM and the ruling Thugbandhan in the upcoming elections.

Mahila Morcha President Aarti Kujur said that if you want to threaten the JMM, then just threaten those criminals who are killing promising tribals of the state.

If you have courage, threaten those rapists who looted the respect of thousands of tribal sisters and daughters of the state.

They were hacked to pieces and hanged on a tree.

She said that JMM should threaten the killers of promising police officers like Roopa Tirkey, Sandhya Topno’s killers.

She said that but JMM does not have that much courage.

Because they have nothing to do with the respect of the sisters and daughters of the tribals, dalits of the state.

State General Secretary of Scheduled Tribe Morcha Bindeshwar Oraon was also present in the press conference.

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