Jio Platforms invests $15 mn in AI, VR startup Two Platforms

New Delhi (IANS) Jio Platforms announced on Friday that it has invested $15 million in Two Platforms (TWO) for a 25 per cent equity stake.

The startup — Two Platforms — is an Artificial Reality company focusing on building interactive and immersive AI experiences.

Notably, TWO’s Artificial Reality platform enables real-time AI voice and video calls, digital humans, immersive spaces and lifelike gaming.

The startup brings interactive AI technologies first to consumer applications followed by entertainment and gaming, as well as enterprise solutions, including retail, services, education, health and wellness.

In a statement, Jio said that Two Platforms will work collaboratively with Jio to fast-track the adoption of new technologies and build disruptive technologies such as AI, metaverse, and mixed realities.

“We are impressed with the strong experience and capabilities of the founding team at ‘TWO’ in the areas of AI/ ML, AR, metaverse and Web 3.0. We look forward to working together with Two to help expedite development of new products in the areas of interactive AI, immersive gaming and metaverse,” said Akash Ambani, Director at Jio.

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