Jharkhand not to get relief from Mocha, heat wave and humidity will increase

Ranchi: In Jharkhand, the temperature has started rising further and as the heat has increased so much that it is difficult to leave the house and stay in the house without fans coolers or air-conditioners. The maximum temperature of the state has crossed the mark of 45 degrees.

There is a possibility that the temperature will rise further. The temperature of Ranchi is also expected to cross 42 degrees. The maximum heat wave in Jharkhand is visible in the Palamu division. The mercury is crossing the 40-degree mark and hot wind is blowing due to which the health of many people is also being affected.

People‚Äôs eyes are on the storm Mocha to get some relief in Jharkhand, but the Meteorological Department has made it clear that there was no significant impact of this storm on Jharkhand. Cyclone Mocha will hit the coast of Myanmar and Bangladesh during the next 48 hours.

Due to the storm, there is a possibility of partial change in the weather in some areas of Santhal Pargana. Between March 16 and 18, there is a possibility of light clouds and scattered or light rain at some places. The Meteorological Department has clearly said that there is little chance of change in the weather till May 25.

During this, the maximum temperature is expected to remain up to 45. If one would look at the temperature of the last 24 hours, the maximum temperature of the capital Ranchi was recorded at 37.5 and the minimum temperature was 22.4-degree celsius.

The maximum temperature of Medininagar was recorded at 40.7 degrees celsius. Due to partly cloudy sky in many areas of Santhal and North, the temperature of these areas has also decreased, but there is less possibility of
major relief.

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