Jharkhand moving on the path of progress- Governor

Ranchi, Apr 2: Jharkhand Governor Draupadi Murmu extended welcome to
President Pranab Mukherjee on his arrival to the state from behalf of
the entire residents and said that it was matter of great honour that
the foundation of Haj House and Ravindra Bhawan was being laid by him.
It was a matter of great fortune for the people of the state that
foundation stone for these two important buildings were being laid by
the President. She said that Jharkhand was moving on the path of
progress and most recently a highly successful Global Investors Summit
2017 was organized which is indeed a very good attempt to create
employment and draw investment to the state. She said that the state
government was working rapidly to work for all round development of
people of all caste and creed and religion and also keeping in mind
their requirements.
As part of the efforts the Haj House was being built in the state.
She said that it was a matter of great pride that many people are
enthusiastic to go on Haj. She said that with the construction of this
Haj House those going for Haj would get better facilities of stay and
other arrangements under one roof. Moreover the Haj House would also
cater to the schemes and developmental projects realted to th welfare
of the minorities. The governor said that on earlier occasion also a
Haj House was constructed however due to some reason it could not be
completed and hoped that with the cooperation of all a better building
would be constructed so that it can be judicially utilized. The
governor also asked the members of the Haj Committee to work with full
dedication to complete the task.
Ms Murmu said that a Ravindra Bhawan dedicated to Gurudev Rabindra
Nath Tagore is being constructed. She said that Jharkhand has been
blessed with mother nature and its culture and the various dance forms
and songs are now being talked about at the international level even
the cultures of other communities are worth lauding. She said that
people from different states reside in the state and their culture is
also rich which also includes the Bengali culture. She said that the
richness of the language and culture of Bengali community can not be
The governor said that it was the responsibility of all that our
cultural integrity is maintained and in order to keep the youth
connected with the rich culture and heritage of the country the
Rabindra Bhawan is being established. The building which is being
equipped with all modern facilities would be able to fulfil all its
goal and would emerge as an major attraction for the lovers of arts
and culture. The governor hoped that these buildings for which the
foundation has been made by the President would be completed soon and
finished in a better manner.

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