As heat waves rise Jharkhand Govt comes out with a list of Dos and Don’ts

Ranchi, Apr 1: With the temperatures rising in the state and heat
waves started making the people stay inside their homes, the Jharkhand
Government has come out with a list of dos and don’ts for the people to
save them from these spiralling hot conditions.
The Home and Disaster Management Department has suggested to the
people to keep in touch with the radio, tv and other mediums to get
information about the local weather conditions. People have been
advised to drink plenty of water and also keep water while travelling
and consume ORS and other juices like Nimbu Pani, Sattu, Lassi and
Chanch so that adequate water levels are maintained in the body.
The people have been also advised to wear loose cotton outfits in the
summers and use goggles, umbrella, caps and hats while going out.
People have been advised to consume easily digestible food and in case
of problem immediate contact the doctors. The animals should also be
provided amble drinking water and the people have been asked to also
keep their homes cool.
The government has advised the people not to leave their children and
pets in outside parked vehicles. People have been advised not to
travel between 12 noon to 3 pm and refrain from wearing dark colour
clothes. People have been advised to keep their windows and doors open
for air to pass remain away from alcohol and also not consume high
protein diet.

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