Jharkhand HC rejects teachers recruitment process in 13 reserved districts

Ranchi: In a major blow to the state government the Jharkhand High Court cancelled the process of recruitment on 17,572 posts of high school teachers in the 13 reserved districts of the state.

A larger bench of the High Court headed by justice HC Mishra while hearing the petition of Soni Kumari and others issued an order in this regard. The complainant had said that the post of high school teachers in 13 reserved districts has been reserved for the local candidates only which was against the constitutional provisions.

The Governor had issued a notification as per which out of 24 districts, 13 districts were kept as schedule area while another 11 were kept as non scheduled areas. In the notification, it was said that in schedule areas only local candidates would apply for the post of high school teacher while in the 11 non-scheduled districts any candidate was free to apply. On the basis of the notification, the advertisement had been issued for appointment on 17,572 posts.

The complainant had stated that the advertisement of the state government was against the constitution as with the order of the government in these 13 districts 100 percent reservation would come into force which was not granted by the constitution and had demanded that the order of the government be cancelled.

With the order of the high court today the recruitment on the post of 17,572 teachers for high schools in these districts has thus gone on a back burner.

In the year 2019, on September 18 the high court had stopped the recruitment process for the post of high school teachers for a month.

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