Jharkhand Govt approaches SC: wants registration on Amrutvahini App for Covid vaccination

Ranchi: The Jharkhand Government has approached the Supreme Court urging the registration for Covid vaccination to be allowed on its Amrutvahini app rather than the Cowin portal of the Centre.

The government has requested the Supreme Court that directions be issued for use of the app which has been developed by the state government. In its petition, the state government has said that 48 percent population in Jharkhand is from tribal dominated areas and the majority of their population is not digitally literate due to which they are facing problems in getting the vaccination.

In its petition, the government has said that the population in the age group 18-45 years is more than 1.4 crore in the state and all needed to be vaccinated so that before the third wave of Coronavirus maximum people can be given the injections.

The government has said that the process for registration on the Cowin portal is complex and even people in many areas do not have smartphones due to which people are not able to take the vaccines, therefore the government has prepared Amrutvahini app through which registration can be made on both offline and online mode for vaccination.

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