Jharkhand Governor said to students, Education is above from your ancestral property, bank balance and wealth

Ranchi: Governor C.P. Radhakrishnan encouraged the students at the annual function of DAV Public School, Baharagora, he said that if there is dedication and sincere hard work, then the goal is definitely achieved.

He asked the students to set their daily routine and follow it.

Understand the importance of time in life.

He said that the place of education is above your ancestral property, bank balance and wealth, wherever you go, you will be identified by education and culture.

Education is very important in life. It is a great pleasure to come to this function organized in this school because students from far off villages come here to study and they are getting a good education.

The Governor said that in this era of competition, all of you will be able to succeed only when you are educated.

By being educated, you will also do good to your society, if the society is happy then only we will feel real happiness.

Work in this direction, it is necessary to work disciplined in life.

He said, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has established himself as a global leader due to his punctuality, disciplined life and vision.

It was the result of his foresight that India developed an indigenous vaccine in a very short time during the corona pandemic.

India has shown its hard work and spirit of universal brotherhood by providing vaccines to the developing countries without any cost, while introducing humanity by vaccinating the citizens of its country by developing the vaccine.

The Governor said that Macaulay’s education system was applicable in our country due to which we were not able to overcome the feeling of dependence.

In the new National Education Policy (NEP), it has been kept in mind that how should the all-round development of the country be done?

In this sequence, he said that we should also learn different languages. The importance of knowledge is accepted in any language.

Sri Thiruvalluvar, the greatest poet, composed poems of two lines in Tamil language about two thousand years ago, in which he mentioned the religion of the king, subjects etc.

His creations are relevant even today and are giving a message to the whole world.

While appreciating the work being done by the school, the Governor said that conducting tutorial/training programs during the holidays by communicating with the children of nearby villages, who have lagged behind in studies, would be a pious work.

The Governor wished all the children a bright future and awarded the meritorious students.

The Governor met a disabled person while returning after attending the annual function.

He directed the present officers to solve their problems.

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