Jharkhand Governor participated in a ‘Health Camp’ organized in Baharagora

East Singhbhum : Governor C.P. Radhakrishnan participated in a ‘Health Camp’ organized in Baharagora by the NGO Citizen Foundation in collaboration with Enterprise Rights Limited of the Government of India, expressing happiness that in the last 2 years, 50 free health camps have been organized in these rural areas.

Camps were organized where thousands of patients were treated.

This is the 51st health camp where expert doctors from other states have also come from which the people here will benefit.

The Governor said that if we are born on this earth, death is certain, then what should be our duty between birth and death.

He said that our life is meaningful only when we live not just for ourselves but also for society.

We all Indians know that ‘charity is the biggest religion’ and following this religion, when our scientists developed the Covid vaccine, the Prime Minister not only distributed it to the people of our country but also to other countries for free.

Vaccine made available.

This initiative of the Prime Minister was appreciated all over the world. Similarly, to protect the health of the people, he started the Ayushman Bharat scheme, from which 10 crore people are benefiting.

This scheme was started by the Prime Minister from Jharkhand, the land of Lord Birsa Munda.

The Governor said that health is wealth.

Therefore, people should get their health checked regularly.

In this perspective, the relevance of organizing health camps in rural areas increases.

People who are not able to get their health checked can easily go to this camp and get themselves checked.

They are also given free medicines.

Through health camps, people are not only treated but their health awareness also increases.

The Governor also honored the doctors who came to the camp and expressed his gratitude to everyone who came to the camp.

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