Jharkhand Governor inaugurated ‘Fourth National Brainstorming’ Programme at Audrey House

Ranchi: Governor C.P. Radhakrishnan addressed the ‘Fourth National Brainstorming’ Programme at Audrey House, Ranchi on the occasion of 75th anniversary of Kharsawan Martyrdom Day.

He said that Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia was not only a political figure but also a great social reformer.

He raised voice for the rights and equality of people deprived of the mainstream.

He is our source of inspiration even today.

He said that Dr. Lohia was the first politician who went there after the Kharsawan incident and compared this incident with the Jallianwala Bagh incident.

He also wrote an article titled “Blood Bath in Kharsawan” in his magazine Mankind.

The Governor unveiled the books on this occasion and said that these books related to unique research projects should be available in all the universities.

He called upon the youth to find out the stories of all the known and unknown freedom fighters and make the society aware of their contribution.

He said that today we live in a free country because of the sacrifice of Lord Birsa Munda and other great freedom fighters.

It is our duty to express respect and gratitude towards the martyrs.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is continuously working for inclusive development.

He is a source of inspiration for our youth.

With the aim of empowering the youth and the country, ‘Developed India@2027: Voice of Youth’ has been launched.

It envisages making India a developed nation by the 100th year of independence i.e. 2027.

On this occasion, the Governor honored the people coming from different provinces of the country and wished for meaningful discussions in this two-day program.

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